1. a system of government that substitutes for the reign of a king or queen when that king or queen becomes unable to rule.
  2. the time during which a regent is in power.
  3. (Regency) in Great Britian, the time during which George, Prince of Wales, was Regent (1811-1820).

7 letters in word "regency": C E E G N R Y.

No anagrams for regency found in this word list.

Words found within regency:

cee cere cerge cerne cree cry ee een eery egency eger en ene energy eng er ere erg ern erne eye eyen eyer eyne eyre gee gen gene genre gere gerne gey geyer grece gree green greeny gren grey gryce gyre gyrene ne nee neg ny nye re rec ree reen reg ren reney reny rye ye yen yer